Meet the Team behind Mastering Transcription

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Ann Bonnette

Anna Bonnette

As president of Huntington Court Reporters and Transcription, Inc., Pasadena, California, which she formed May 1, 1983, Ann still reports depositions and public hearings three to four times per week. She attended Northwestern State University, Natchitoches, Louisiana, and she is a graduate of Bryan College of Court Reporting , Los Angeles, California. Her certifications in the court reporting industry are: California CSR, Louisiana CCR, NCRA RPR, NCRA CMSR, and AAERT Digital Reporter and Transcriber.

Ann is a strong advocate for her profession, and she embraces all methods of court reporting: Steno, voice, and digital. Ann worked for five years to develop an online police and digital reporting transcription training program, Mastering Transcription, LLC, which was recently approved by AAERT and is recognized by the Louisiana Court Reporters Board as a digital court reporting training academy. When Ann was developing her law enforcement transcription training program, she was assisted by Northwestern State University's Small Business Development Center as far as content, internship, and pricing structure.

Outside of work, Ann mentors court reporting students in all reporting methods, and she also helps Vietnam vets publish their autobiographies through Natchitoches Art Blend. Her first published author was Walter Delphin and his book "Boots in the Grass, A Story of Love and War."

Karyn Abbott

Karyn Abbott

Karyn is currently president of Court Reporters Unlimited based in Pasadena, California, which she formed in June 2016. She previously owned Karyn Abbott & Associates from May 1983 to September 2012 and was responsible for supervising 25 court reporters and clerical support personnel. She attended Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama; Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky; and she is a graduate of Bryan College of Court Reporting in 1981. Karyn is a California CSR as well as an RPR.

She is also a principal and instructor for Mastering Transcription, LLC, an online police transcription and digital court reporting transcription training program.

Outside of work, Karyn is involved with multiple charities and loves to play golf. She is also a mentor to court reporting students, regardless of the method of reporting.

Michael Bonnette

Michael Bonnette

Michael has been in charge of the graveyard shift for the law enforcement transcription portion of Huntington Court Reporters and Transcription, Inc., for the past ten years. In this capacity, he also mentors graduates of Mastering Transcription's course when they enter the internship phase of the program.

Responsible for the company's financial plans and policies, accounting practices, maintaining of fiscal records and preparing financial reports.

Michael is a graduate of Louisiana State University where he received his B.S. Degree in International Trade and Finance and subsequently his Juris Doctorate of Law from Louisiana State University Law School. After graduating from law school, he served four years as an assistant district attorney for the Tenth Judicial District Attorney's office in Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana and then an additional 20 years as a criminal defense lawyer with an emphasis on death penalty cases. Michael gave up the practice of law in 2000 after a client was executed in the state of Louisiana. After giving up the practice of law, he began working with Huntington Court Reporters in their legal transcription division and aiding new transcriptionists to become more proficient in their work.

Outside of work, Michael enjoys watching thoroughbred racing (he is a former jockey and his dad was a horse trainer), playing with his four grandchildren (ages 9, 8, 5, & 3), and riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle on cross-country trips.

Norman Bonnette


Norman is an ex-police officer with the Shreveport Police Department, and he also did a tour of duty in the Air Force. He is one of the dictators for the police reports in the modules. Most of MT's students love his Southern drawl. Norman writes short Southern stories in his free time, and we are all eagerly awaiting the completion of his novel, "The Levee is Calling."

Shawn Bonnette

Shawn Bonnette

Shawn has been Director of Technology for Huntington Court Reporters and Transcription for over ten years. He was one of Mastering Transcription's first digital court reporting students and is a certified digital court reporter through AAERT, and he holds certification as a digital court reporter through the Louisiana Court Reporters Board. Shawn also provides part-time digital court reporting services to one of the Worker's Comp courthouses in Louisiana.

He assists Mastering Transcription with the implementation of technology, the dictation of reports, and the training of digital and voice court reporters.

Outside of work, Shawn is a DJ and a hip-hop recording artist.

Cynthia Czuchaj, Director of Business Development

Cynthia Czuchaj

Cynthia has been active in Mastering Transcription for many years as a consultant, and now we are proud to have her onboard as our Director of Business Development.

Cynthia has been active in both the medical and entertainment industry specializing in procurement and maintenance of client relations for many years.

She attended Marygrove College and is on board to help our students fulfill their educational goals.

Walter Delphin

Walter Delphin

Walter conducts the background checks for Mastering Transcription's students and advises on the importance of confidentiality. He is the owner of W.M. Delphin Investigations, which was established in 1990. Prior to founding the full-service private investigation firm, Walter worked in the General Motors Security/Investigations Division and for the Natchitoches (Louisiana) Police Department as an investigator and supervisor. As an ex-police officer, he is an asset to the course when it comes to police report writing.

He is also a Vietnam vet, and his book "Boots in the Grass" is his autobiography.