Police Transcription Training

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It is the goal of Mastering Transcription's transcription training program to provide professional training to those desiring to become law enforcement transcriptionists. Becoming part of the exciting field of law enforcement as a support service provider of speech-to-text solutions is not a job; it is a career!

This transcription training program is a one-of-a-kind training program that focuses strictly on transcription for police departments and police transcription agencies. The focus of the training will be on one-voice narrative reports, accident reports, internal affairs investigations, and witness statements. Students are carefully screened and chosen for the training, and only those desiring long-term careers as law enforcement transcriptionists are encouraged to apply.

The training program is designed to be accomplished according to the student's time schedule. The more time one has to devote to the training, the sooner it can be completed.

At the completion of the program, applicants are encouraged to take the American Association of Electronic Reporters & Transcribers' exam and become certified as a transcriptionist. The training program is geared toward this examination.

Digital Reporting Training

Mastering Transcription is approved to train digital court reporters who are then certified by AAERT. We train in the states of California and Louisiana.

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