Mastering Transcription Review

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I love this class. I'd give it five stars, hands down. All of the learning material is spot on and educational. The assignments are fun too. The audio files to be transcribed for the assignments are interesting. Ann and/or Sue are knowledgeable, always pleasant, and willing to help anytime I need it.

I'm also already interning for the program and I have learned so much from that too. The internship queue has a really neat tool to review your finished police reports so that you can learn from it as well. Lee and/or Michael are also available to help you anytime you need it in the internship. It's instant, if you need help, they're all there for you.

What a wonderful program. I'm glad I chose Mastering Transcription Law Enforcement Transcription. I guarantee anyone that there are no other courses like this one. It's the best out there. Mastering Transcription is the way to go if you want a quality education in law enforcement transcription.

Laura G.

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