Spanish-to-English Transcription for Law Enforcement Training

It is the goal of Mastering Transcription, LLC’s transcription training program to provide professional training to those desiring to become Spanish transcriptionists for law enforcement.

The training program is a one-of-a-kind training program that focuses strictly on transcription for police departments or police transcription agencies. The focus of the training will be on witness statements. Students are carefully screened and chosen for the training.

The training program is designed to be accomplished according to the student’s time schedule. The more time one has to devote to the training, the sooner it can be completed. Our self-study transcription program package allows you the opportunity to fulfill your goals of becoming a transcriptionist in the comfort of your own home.

At the completion of the program, applicants are further encouraged to take the American Association of Electronic Reporters & Transcribers' exam and become certified as a transcriptionist. (See


The objectives of this course are to:


Applicant must be over the age of 18, have a high school or GED equivalency, preferred typing or voice writing skills of at least 60 words per minute, and have the ability to work within the Word processing program;

Applicant will be given a pre-test via email which will include basic punctuation, grammar, and vocabulary. A score of 70 percent or greater must be achieved to be accepted as a student of the Mastering Transcription program.



Students will be required to purchase the necessary equipment and textbooks for the course through the school or on their own prior to starting classes:

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Enrollment Agreement

Name of Course:
Spanish to English Transcription

Course Length:
22 Modules, Self-Paced

In consideration of my acceptance for the Mastering Transcription course (APPROVED BY AAERT, see as of the above date, I hereby enroll and obligate myself to pay to the order of Mastering Transcription, LLC, $150.00 as a Administration fee and $3,500.00 as tuition.

Three-Business-Day Cancellation: I understand that if or any reason I am unable to enter, all monies paid will be refunded if requested within three business days after signing an enrollment agreement and making an initial payment.

Access to Online Portal: Once student begins the course, it must be completed with 24 months of start date, unless there are extenuating circumstances, such as a military deployment or serious medical condition.

I CERTIFY THAT I HAVE RECEIVED, READ, AND UNDERSTAND THE MASTERING TRANSCRIPTION, LLC CATALOG (which may be subject to revision at any time) WHICH CONTAINS: My course outline, schedule or tuition, books, fees, and other charges, cancellation policy, grading policy, and understand it is subject to representation as expressed herein. I agree to comply with these policies during my period of enrollment in the course.